Saturday, 6 November 2010

Bought some things... Listed some things...

I got myself a bath bomb with a little message inside for Mother for her birthday- she'll get a kick out of that! Can't wait to receive! I've also bought myself a hat I've been drooling over for a while from Wooly Ideals... check it out... can't wait to wear it into work!

And I listed this. My first cushion! It's an envelope case- I don't get on well with zips you see. Only thing is I want to keep this for moiself... oh dear...

I wish this were a longer, wittier post but I must sleep you see, owing to staying up drinking mulled wine with The Mother after fireworks, discussing menfolk and their features and foibles. All good fun. And now for fun in bed (which sounds rude but isn't, I only mean fun in that I will fall asleep... You know what, just shut up Hannah, there's a good girl, go to bed...)

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