Wednesday, 27 October 2010

An eventful night, in which our heroine makes a non-folksy sale, eats some pasta and does some ironing...

I sold 7 pairs of earrings tonight, a non-folksy sale, face to face. My friend's mum had seen my facebook page and got in touch with me to say she wanted to buy but she didn't like to buy online. So, that was great! It also busted something interesting a girl on etsy said.
Someone (can't remember who it was) wrote a long piece on Etsy that I read bleary-eyed this morning over my first cuppa. This girl had sold CLOSE TO 1000 ITEMS on Etsy. Wow. I was bowled over. She had plenty of tips for maximising sales on etsy, and one of them was: Don't waste your time twittering or facebooking about your shop. Devote all your time instead to listing and more listing. I can see what she's saying but I can't say it applies to me. (By the way, I have sold exactly ZERO items on etsy, haha!)
Folksy on the other hand.... So many of my purchases have been via facebook. And many of my sales, like tonights, won't show up on my shop figures, but I know they happened, so I'm happy. I'm sure lots of you feel the same.

On a completely different topic, it's two days until I get on the plane to see my wonderful boyfriend, so excited... God bless him, I do miss him, I think it may be very hard to come home when the visit is over...
Although, if I can get a crochet hook past the scanners I'll be happy on the flight! Amigurumi is coming along nicely, a few stumbles here and there but all in all I like what I've made. Pictures will be posted soon. Think I've found a new love in crochet!

The Parents got in touch from Himalayas. Trek is over and they are safe and well. Warm fuzzy feeling...

Monday, 25 October 2010

New Earrings...

Mmm... chocolate. Thought I would show these quickly before bed, I'll list them on folksy and etsy tomorrow. So tired. Why do I do this to myself?
Anyway now is as good a time as any other to rave about my purchase from Oddsox. I bought the cutest cuddly bunny from their shop, which I believe has been delisted as I bought the only one.  Anyway, it came beautifully wrapped in lemon tissue paper and ribbon, with a cute badge! I love it so much. I need to work on presentation, because people like Oddsox put me to shame, I promise to readers to improve on that!

Last night I bought a metre of purple ribbon with my shop address printed on it from PrintedOnRibbon. Really looking forward to receiving that. And sold a lavender pillow to MissBohemia, thank you!

Anyway, the chocolate cake earring should be listed tomorrow, at the same price as my cake and ice cream ones. Oh, and lastly, If you haven't done so already, check out the post below and comment on my greetings cards to be in with a chance of winning one!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Finally designed and on the way to the printers!

Hurrah, I am one step closer to opening up my online greetings card shop! Here are some of the designs, I would LOVE some feedback on them please, as I have never tried designing greetings cards before and I'd like to know if they are good, or if I am plain bonkers for spending all this time on them! There are 4 photograph cards and 2 of my original illustrations. Please leave feedback, it can be constructive criticism or whatever! And you will be entered into a draw to receive one of your choice through the post for free! Competition closes on Tuesday 2nd Nov. Cheers! My greetings card folksy shop (destined to be called Ghost Goose) will not be ready to go live until after this date.

Lavender pillows now listed...

Well, here they are, now that morning has dawned and I have hauled myself up to photograph them... Am very pleased with them and hope they do well at the fair in December. It's been so nice to make something so simply, and yet pretty and useful. I've had one under my pillow for the past two nights now, wonderful! A fabulous fragrant frill for the filly or the fella!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Poems are fun! And other musings

Just written a little poem as a competition entry, such fun! I used to write poetry as a kid, and Mother has kept some (cringe), well, even if I don't win, it was fun and hopefully it will raise a smile!

On to other things I did as a kid...
One of the first things I can remember doing as a craft was making lavender bags with Grandmother. Recently I found that I had loads and loads of scrap fabric, with no real clue what to do with it- then I decided to make lavender pillows with it. The result is a hotch-potch selection of different sized mini-sachets, all colours and patterns,  that I'm really pleased with. Does anyone else have a story of their first craft? A relative/teacher that brought out your creative side? Grandmother is also responsible for me knowing how to knit and Grandfather bought me my trusty sewing machine. Let's hear your anecdotes!

Will photograph the sachets tomorrow in daylight and post them in the shop and on here. :)

Another weekend...

And boy, I'm glad it's here. A whole week housesitting for The Parents whilst they are off trekking in the Himalayas, and The Brother and I have managed not to blow the house up. I've been slowly but surely moving all my crafty bits over here, until the dining room table is swamped with fabric, fimo and foghorns. (That last one was a lie, but I can't resist alliteration.) I work full time and whilst I enjoy my work for a major UK charity, in my heart I have fidgeting for an opportunity to get making again.
It's been a good week for folksy shop sales, with 5 items sold to a non seller (My boss, which goes to show it's not what you know, etc...) I also participated in the fabulous craft carousel whereby you buy an item featured and it's replaced with something from your own shop, what an ace idea. I bought the cutest dotty bunny from Oddsox, and in turn, the lovely paintedghost bought some of my sweetie jar earrings, and a pleasure doing business it was with both of them!
Off to the post office now to post my various items and buy more milk (The only milk left is Mother's soya, bleurgh).

Friday, 22 October 2010


Hello! Welcome to my brand new blog where I will blather on about crafts, pictures, what I've been up to and what other great people in the creative world have been doing! Please follow me for good times, competitions and updates!