Wednesday, 27 October 2010

An eventful night, in which our heroine makes a non-folksy sale, eats some pasta and does some ironing...

I sold 7 pairs of earrings tonight, a non-folksy sale, face to face. My friend's mum had seen my facebook page and got in touch with me to say she wanted to buy but she didn't like to buy online. So, that was great! It also busted something interesting a girl on etsy said.
Someone (can't remember who it was) wrote a long piece on Etsy that I read bleary-eyed this morning over my first cuppa. This girl had sold CLOSE TO 1000 ITEMS on Etsy. Wow. I was bowled over. She had plenty of tips for maximising sales on etsy, and one of them was: Don't waste your time twittering or facebooking about your shop. Devote all your time instead to listing and more listing. I can see what she's saying but I can't say it applies to me. (By the way, I have sold exactly ZERO items on etsy, haha!)
Folksy on the other hand.... So many of my purchases have been via facebook. And many of my sales, like tonights, won't show up on my shop figures, but I know they happened, so I'm happy. I'm sure lots of you feel the same.

On a completely different topic, it's two days until I get on the plane to see my wonderful boyfriend, so excited... God bless him, I do miss him, I think it may be very hard to come home when the visit is over...
Although, if I can get a crochet hook past the scanners I'll be happy on the flight! Amigurumi is coming along nicely, a few stumbles here and there but all in all I like what I've made. Pictures will be posted soon. Think I've found a new love in crochet!

The Parents got in touch from Himalayas. Trek is over and they are safe and well. Warm fuzzy feeling...

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