Sunday, 24 October 2010

Finally designed and on the way to the printers!

Hurrah, I am one step closer to opening up my online greetings card shop! Here are some of the designs, I would LOVE some feedback on them please, as I have never tried designing greetings cards before and I'd like to know if they are good, or if I am plain bonkers for spending all this time on them! There are 4 photograph cards and 2 of my original illustrations. Please leave feedback, it can be constructive criticism or whatever! And you will be entered into a draw to receive one of your choice through the post for free! Competition closes on Tuesday 2nd Nov. Cheers! My greetings card folksy shop (destined to be called Ghost Goose) will not be ready to go live until after this date.


  1. All cool, but luv the photo cards! They are quite unique and capture the imagination. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

    Wishing you massive success!

    Regards - John

  2. Yes I really like them esp the photos.. they sort of tell a story!! I think its great to sell them in a set.
    They will be on Etsy Front Page soon Im sure!!

  3. Yep, I like the illustrations but the photo ones are more interesting and unique, well worth doing I think, love them!!

    p.s tried to follow your blog but I think the server's gone to bed

  4. The photo ones are really good! My fav is the I love you one :)

    I think you could flip them so that the card was horizontal though and that way you get to utilise the space a bit better :)

    The Go Girl! one is very cool too! Well done :)

  5. I really like them, especially the ones you've drawn, the go girl one is fab! The photo ones are great too, would be good as a set as well as individually.

    BTW, it's The Sequinned Sheep here :)

  6. They're great'! I love the Pamper Time one best x

  7. those cards are fab!!! i love the dolls house ones :)

    well done x

  8. I love the dolls house ones best,

  9. Fabulous designs! I love the one of the couple in bed.

  10. They are really lovely. I want the I love you card! Its rocks.
    Keep us posted when they go into the shop.

  11. They are great, sure they will be a huge success. I love them all, but my favorites are the 'I love you' one and the 'pamper' one.