Saturday, 23 October 2010

Poems are fun! And other musings

Just written a little poem as a competition entry, such fun! I used to write poetry as a kid, and Mother has kept some (cringe), well, even if I don't win, it was fun and hopefully it will raise a smile!

On to other things I did as a kid...
One of the first things I can remember doing as a craft was making lavender bags with Grandmother. Recently I found that I had loads and loads of scrap fabric, with no real clue what to do with it- then I decided to make lavender pillows with it. The result is a hotch-potch selection of different sized mini-sachets, all colours and patterns,  that I'm really pleased with. Does anyone else have a story of their first craft? A relative/teacher that brought out your creative side? Grandmother is also responsible for me knowing how to knit and Grandfather bought me my trusty sewing machine. Let's hear your anecdotes!

Will photograph the sachets tomorrow in daylight and post them in the shop and on here. :)

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