Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sexy Screen Stars and Sewing Machines

Did anyone hear the Radio 1 interview with Robert Downey Jnr. a couple of weeks ago? The man has a voice like melted chocolate... although I did feel sorry for poor Scott Mills when he swore on air. Not like me to get all silly over celebrities on the radio.. but  I definitely wouldn't mind getting Mr Downey Jnr to record a CD of bedtime stories for me or something like that... maybe if I offered to swap a moustached Battenburg or a giant ice cream cone with him, he would acquiesce...

Anyway it led to me having Iron Man on the dvd player whilst sewing this week. I've been making loads of stock for the upcoming craft fairs, hope it all pays off. I've also discovered the absolute joy of swapping with other folksy sellers. I swapped a strawberry for a bracelet with Aniccajewellery, and  an aforementioned battenburg cake with chulscharms for two necklaces- look forward to getting them, that's at least 2 christmas presents sorted (if I'm not wicked and greedy and end up keeping them for myself).

I've also bought a moustache necklace from Stars and Scars- (that one is most definitely for me so don't even think about it friends and neighbours), and a present for Mother which I can't blog about yet because she might read this (Love you, Mother!) and some gorgeous christmas melts from Pauline, thank you for a swift delivery, do check out her lovely shop with beautifully packaged candles.

Lastly- I woke up to find I've sold another card to someone in the states! This is lovely- I've had my handmade goods on etsy for months with no joy. It's huge and I struggle to find the time to promote on there, so no real surprise I had no sales. But my cards seem to be doing well across the pond- very encouraging, and perhaps I ought to take the hint and set up a greetings card shop there instead...  we'll see...

Also, pop over to facebook to enter my competition, in celebration of passing the 100 'likes' mark.. :)


  1. ooh sounds like you have got some awesome gifts! lucky family :)
    you should receive your moustache necklace today!
    Vicky stars&scars x

  2. Thank you the mention and I am glad you got your melts ok and that you like them.